Code Compliance

The mission of the Willow Park Code Compliance Department is to foster a clean, healthy, and safe city while preventing physical blight in our neighborhoods.  

The Code Compliance Department enforces City Ordinances and inspects both residential and commercial properties for violations that may threaten the general public’s safety. Enforcing City Codes protects the values and aesthetics of property.

The City of Willow Park's Code Compliance personnel are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life throughout the community by working with both citizens and businesses in a professional manner.  

Services We Provide 

Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing codes which address public health and safety, including regulations related to: 

  • Dumping of Waste
  • High Weeds and Grass
  • Junk Vehicles
  • Rubbish & Garbage
  • Signs on Public Right-of-Way
  • Stagnant Water

Enforcement is taken both proactively and in response to requests for action received from citizens.